See how my clients’ curiosities changed their life!

 Client Transformations

Christina not only lost weight, but she gained emotional and physical confidence.

“With Stephanie’s help, I not only made physical progress but also mental. I feel the best I have in years and I’m extremely grateful for her! If anyone’s needing support with their health goals and taking a keto approach, I highly recommend her!”

Christina E.

All in Curious Client

Krystal was able to see just beyond her weight loss and celebrate herself again!

“Thank you for pushing me but more importantly thank you for being there and believing in me. Because, I didn’t think change was possible. I knew it couldn’t hurt to try and I’m so glad I did! I have more confidence and will keep going.”

Crystal P.

All in Curious Client

Edgar lost 30lbs, and gained education that will last a lifetime!

“Be ready to commit, it’s a lot of information in the beginning, but it gets easier! It’s all about being committed. The thing I liked most about the Keto Kurious Program is that I gained knowledge that will last a lifetime plus I look and feel amazing!”

Edgar A.

Keto Kurious Client

Shannon lost over 47lbs!

“Before beginning keto I did a work weight loss challenge in which I got third place by just reducing my food intake and working out occasionally; but it wasn’t enough. I was still tired, bloated and didn’t know what I should do next. I still had low self esteem and not confident in myself.

I have lost 47lbs, dropped 4 sizes in clothes and several inches all over! I have more energy than ever, sleep better, and more self confidence! Working with Stephanie isn’t just about a diet plan, but a lifestyle change all around. I’m so thankful for her help and encouragement throughout the whole process.”

Shannon T.

All in Curious Client

Professional Testimonials

“Stephanie has my highest recommendation.”

“Stephanie Foster has quickly become the go to Keto Coach in the community. I am a Biochemist, Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, and Formulator. I have been personally doing the ketogenic diet for over 20 years. Stephanie is on the cutting edge of the science, puts it in practice, has multiple certifications and numerous success stories. She has empathy, encouragement, and knowledge in the right balance to help you transform your life. Stephanie has my highest recommendation.”

Shawn Wells

MPH, RD, LDN, CISSN, FISSN-Ingredient Scientist

“I highly recommend working with her!”

“Stephanie is the most knowledgeable keto expert I know! Her holistic health tips and guidance are invaluable and always spot on! I highly recommend working with her if you’re interested in keto or building a healthy eating lifestyle!”

Kayla Osterhoff, MPH, PHDc

“Stephanie has become an incredible keto coach”

“Stephanie has become an incredible keto coach by using her unique ability to combine science and practical application with each of her clients. She is a perfect fit if you are looking for someone who leads with empathy and is willing to work hand in hand with you to achieve your goals.”

Dr. Ryan Lowery

CEO of, author of The Ketogenic Bible, President of the Applied Science and Performance Institute and KetoPhD™

“I cannot recommend working with her enough.”

“Stephanie is a top keto coach that I highly recommend to anyone looking to truly optimize their health. As a chiropractor and functional medicine doctor, Stephanie has blown me away with her vast knowledge, research driven protocols, and amazing success stories. She is not only an amazing coach and inspiration to each of her clients, she is also one of the most caring people you will ever meet. I cannot recommend working with her enough.” 

Dr Torrie Johnson, DC, AFMCP

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