Carb Curious

 A  handcrafted 4-week program designed to help you learn how to foster a balanced lifestyle with carbs after keto to keep the weight off, enjoy carbs again, and upgrade your health.  

What exactly is Carb Curious?

 There is life after keto! Stephanie will teach you how to make carbs a tool instead of the enemy.

Custom Macros and Nutrition Plans

Stephanie will create a nutrition plan and custom macros that will incorporate carbs depending on your body upgrade.

Accountability and Goal Setting

We all have fallen off the bandwagon once or twice, but getting back on can be challenging especially when reintroducing carbs. Don’t worry, Stephanie will meet with you weekly to keep you on track!

Tutorials and Video Modules

Educating yourself on carbohydrates is important to establish a healthy balance with food. You will gain exclusive access on how to avoid binge eating, using carbs as a tool, maintaining your weight loss, and more!

The time is now! If not now… When?

Does this sound familiar…


You have hit a weight loss plateau on Keto and don't know what to do next...


You are tired of passing up social opportunities because of your diet


You have done keto but are now scared about avoid carbs forever or are curious about how to reintroduce them?

Have you hit a plateau and keto isn’t working anymore?!

You did keto successfully for 3 month, lost the weight, and now you have hit a wall. Why isn’t the scale moving?! Your ketones are high, you haven’t carbs in months, and going to the what gives?! Unfortunately, metabolic adaptation can happen and even insulin resistance can happen on Keto.

There is hope… There is life after keto!

But we can begin to get your body to be metabolically flexible and use both fuels, glucose and ketones! Then you can… 


Enjoy those social outings, celebrations, and vacations


Enjoy those You can have more energy in the gym and get stronger!


You can start to see changes in your body as we upgrade it to it’s 2.0 version!

It’s time to let go of something that isn’t working for you anymore

We often get dogamtic about our diet choices to the point where it becomes a religion. But what happens if that diet is not working for us anymore? Or worse, it’s making us unhealthier?!

Sometimes on keto you can hit a plateau and feel stuck! You can even develop nutrient deficiencies, struggle to lose weight, and lose performance in the gym…

If it isn’t working for you, then don’t do it anymore, and learn how to take that keto journey into a more well rounded journey. Keto worked for you for a while, and that’s amazing! Now let’s continue that work!

Let’s do this together!

Meet Stephanie Foster

I started the Ketogenic Lifestyle in 2017 and loved it! However, I noticed that after 3-4 months my body looked soft, lost my period, and wasn’t getting the gains in the gym. So I decided to play around with using carbs as tool with my fat fueled body! With my nutrition certifications as a foundation, I was able to hack my body and get it to work for me instead of against me.

Now I cycle in and out of a ketogenic lifestyle with a lower carb approach throughout the year. My body responded with losing weight, feeling stronger, gaining my cycle back, and sleeping better while eating more calories. Are you wanting to learn how to use both sources, glucose and ketones, as fuel? 

My main purpose with this program is to help you bypass that weight loss plateau and learn how to use carbs as a tool. Carbs shouldn’t be seen as the enemy but rather as a different source of fuel for your body to tap into!

Get the personalized attention you need to successfully reintroduce carbs back into your diet

Here’s exactly what you get when you sign up for Carb Curious

Nutrition Assessment

Stephanie will gather information on your personal keto history and exercise background to better tailor your diet plan according to your goals

Carb Body Upgrade Blueprint

This is where the fun begins! Here is where we outline a plan to take your body to the next level by creating actionable steps in your nutrition.

Accountability and Carb Guidance

Stephanie will help keep you on track by incorporating weekly check ins to help avoid emotional or binge eating that can happen when learning how to incorporate carbs.

Carb Knowledge Boost

Knowledge is power and you will have access to exclusive content in Stephanie’s client portal. This is where you will learn background information on carbohydrates to make educated decisions in your life outside of your time together

Custom Macros and Supplementation

Stephanie will create a macro and calorie goal based on your body upgrade blueprint, and update it when necessary to keep you on track while recommending supplements to boost your body! 

Habit Reform

This is where the rubber meets the road! Stephanie will help guide you to break some your hesitancy towards carbs and establish a better relationship with food

See how my clients’ curiosities changed their life!

Are You Ready to Eat Carbs Again?

Learn how to make carbs your friend.

You might be asking…

Is this program for me?

  • N Have you hit a weight loss plateau on Keto?
  • NDo you want to achieve new goals at the gym?
  • NAre you tired of passing up social opportunities because of your diet?
  • NAre you ready to try something new?
  • NDo you want to diversify your food choices?
  • NDo you feel wired and tired, and not sure why?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then I invite you to Apply Here to see if we are a good fit to work together. 



Eating carbs again while keeping the weight off and even LOSING weight


Bulldozing through the day with ENERGY


Saying goodbye to distraction and hello to FOCUS and PRODUCTIVITY


Being in a supportive and fun environment while learning about YOUR body

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I introduce carbs? Isn’t that what got me into trouble in the first place?

Your body runs primarily on glucose and is set up that way for a reason. But if we abuse the machinery then we need to fix it. You did that with keto, and now it is time to get it to run efficiently with both fuels (ketones and glucose). 

Will I have to track my food

Initially yes. I will guide you on how to make it easy and quick. This is so that you can retrain your eating habits and understand food on a macro level.

How long is this program and how do we meet?

This is an 8-week program and we meet via Video Chat every week for 30 minutes at the allotted time we settle on. You also have text/chat access with me outside of those 30 minutes if you need some extra accountability and guidance.

I just started Keto, is this for me?

This is for those that have been Keto for at least 3 months and are fat-fueled. So if you just started Keto a month ago, please come back if you hit a weight loss plateau after 3 months.

Does that mean I can eat ALL the carbs?

I mean… You can, but that is not what I will be teaching you. I will be guiding you on what carbs are useful when to eat them, and how much. I will also guide you on if you want to indulge in a special treat every once in a while.


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