All In Curious

A 8-Week Coaching Program

Get the 1-on-1 attention and accountability you need to lose the weight, gain mental clarity, and upgrade your health.

What exactly is All In Curious?

 All In Curious is an in-depth 1-on-1 coaching experience that dives deep into your 3 pillars of health: Mind, Body, and Soul

Custom Macros, Nutrition Plan

Stephanie will create an easy customized plan to follow according to your weightloss and body goals.

Habit Reform and Goal Setting

Not understanding why you sabotage your health goals? This is where we dive into your health habits and the why’s behind your actions for long term success.

Mindset and Spiritual Guidance

It’s important to understand the why behind your health goals! Stephanie will talk through connecting with your higher power to take your life and health to the next level! Whatever religion you are, she will help you to reconnect with your divine essence.

Finally get the results you want with the 1-on-1 attention you need

Does this sound familiar…


You constantly pick yourself apart and can’t turn off the negative voice in your head.


You feel like you do great during the week only to sabotage your progress on the weekends


You get frustrated by the scale and don’t know where to begin on how to get back to your comfortable body image


You feel unmotivated, lost, low energy, and feel like you barely scrape by the day only to dread waking up the following day.

Have you tried diet after diet, lost the weight only to regain it plus some?

You tried a diet for 3 months, saw your body shed those sneaky pounds you’ve gained over the years, and finally smile at the mirror beaming with confidence. You go out with your friends, eat out with your significant other, got too busy for the gym, and slowly but surely, those sneaky pounds came back like a bad ex on your doorstep.

So frustrating! But there is a reason there is a 95% failure rate at keeping your weight off over a span of years, not months.


Because they don’t teach you how to reprogram the way you think about food.

We don’t want you to lose weight in 3-6 months only to gain it back little by little in 6 years. Toss the diets and dig into an all in habit reform with your mind, body, and spirit with Stephanie as your guide.

Don’t let another year go by without putting yourself first!  

Time, unfortunately, waits for no one. Anyone in their later years will tell you they had wished they had taken care of their health when they were younger.. Or maybe that is you saying that? We tend to put challenging and life changing things off until something drastic happens.

You are sitting in the doctor’s room waiting for her to come back with the news that you have Type 2 Diabetes. You now have to monitor your blood sugar levels, take insulin shots, and rack up even more health bills. But that worst case scenario could have been avoided with some lifestyle and habit changes.

Take your health seriously and listen to your gut/spirit telling you to take action.

By being All In Curious, you’ll achieve…


Clarity on how to navigate your body’s blueprint


Healthy habits that will help you maintain your body’s upgrade


Confidence that will make everyone do a double take


A healthy relationship with food, no more feeling restricted!

Let’s do this together!

Meet Stephanie Foster

In 2017, I started the Ketogenic Lifestyle after learning I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I would bloat like crazy after every meal, got crazy obsessive with my food, and missed social outings because of my condition. I began doing my own research and decided to become a Certified Transformation Nutrition Coach (CTNC).

Through my certification, I learned that it isn’t just nutrition that affects our body but our Mind and Spirit. I was so stressed out with eating healthy that it would slow my digestion down and thus create a blockage. That combined with the foods I was eating was a recipe for disaster! 

After working on the other two pillars (mind and spirit), I now enjoy foods I would dread and am able to be social without feeling embarrassed at modifying every little thing. 

My main purpose with this program is to reframe your mindset, habits, and lifestyle choices to upgrade your body to its fullest potential. We go beyond the food in this program and dive into lasting change. If you are ready for the hard work to stick, then this is the right program for you!

Want to create lasting change in your life and body?


No more feeling like you are “stuck” in your rut

Wake up feeling confident, in control, and full of positive energy


Toss out the diets that don’t fit you

You will know how your body works and have the freedom to eat foods that nourish you


No more being being disappointed with your results

Finally be able to look in the mirror and really love what you see

Here’s exactly what you get when you sign up for All In Curious

Weekly Check Ins

In order to create lasting change, accountability needs to be there along with in depth conversations. We will meet once a week via Video Calls for 60 min every week to go over everything you need in order to evolve.

Video Modules and Tutorials

Knowledge is power and you will have access to exclusive content in Stephanie’s client portal. This is where you will learn background information on Nutrition to make educated decisions in your life outside of your time together.

Custom Nutrition Plan and Assessment

This will be different than my Keto Kurious or Carb Curious program as this will be tailored to your lifestyle instead of fitting you into a diet. We will come up with a plan that suits your goals and busy life along with meal plans and custom macros

Habit and Mindset Reform

Do you have difficulty saying no to food in social settings? Do you find yourself gravitating towards the pantry late at night? Or maybe accepting a compliment is tough for you. These are all things that is part of your habits and mindset. Stephanie will help guide you to reprogram your habits and thinking to help you grow not sabotage your growth.

Spiritual Reconnection

Do you feel disconnected or just like you’ve lost your way? Stephanie will help you gain insight into your spiritual connection with your beliefs. If you are unsure what you believe in, she will guide you on your spiritual journey to reconnect with your higher power. Faith has incredible power and is underestimated. It has saved lives, reunited families, healed broken hearts and marriages. Let’s tap into that power together.

Movement and Exercise Plan

Having a hard time knowing what to do at the gym? Or maybe home workouts are more your jam! This is where Stephanie comes in with her personal training to give you a plan to help your body move and feel better. Not only will this help you gain more energy but also sculpt your body into an upgraded version of you!

See how my clients’ curiosities changed their life!

Ready to Upgrade Yourself?

This is the one upgrade you don’t want to pass!

You might be asking…

Is this program for me?

  • NHave you had that gut feeling that you need to change your eating habits but not sure how?
  • NHave you tried diets over and over again only to reform back to your old ways?
  • NHave you lost weight only to regain it back plus some extra?
  • NDo you feel lost in your life without any clear direction on how to make it better?
  • NAre you constantly putting yourself down or fall into that same old pattern that is toxic for you?
  • NDo you want to feel more connected to others and yourself while making healthy choices?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then I invite you to Apply Here to see if we are a good fit to work together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this affordable?

Think of this program as a nice steakhouse ($$$). You do it on special occasions because it is fancier than your usual Chipotle outing. Ask yourself, are you a nice Steakhouse or a Chipotle? That’s what you are investing in.

Do I have to be religious to enter this program?

Not at all! I am here to help you connect with your higher power, whatever that means to you (God, Universe, Jesus, Allah, etc.) My background is in Christianity, but I will never impose my beliefs on you. You are accepted here, no matter what background.

Why isn’t this just nutrition?

In order to create lasting change, I believe you have to get the three pillars of health involved: Mind, Body and Spirit. It’s like upgrading one wheel on your tricycle. It doesn’t upgrade your whole experience, something will still be off.

What happens if I miss a call?

As long as you tell me 24hrs in advance, we can reschedule your call. These calls are for YOU so if you don’t need one every week, then that is your call.

I don’t like to cook, can I still do this?

1000% Most of my clients are busy professionals and don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen. I will teach you hacks on how to create quick and easy meals or eat out. 


How much time do I have to dedicate to this?

This is at your pace! Your videos, modules, and pdfs will slowly drip into your portal every week. You can watch it as we go along OR all at once OR not at all. This is YOUR program that I am tailoring to you. Whatever time you want to put into it is what you will get out of it.


What do the calls entail?

You and I will meet once a week via Video Chat for 45 minutes at the designated time we set for you. This is where the deep work starts on navigating nutrition, healthy habits, inner work, and more.


Do I have to measure myself?

It depends on where you are at. If you are triggered by the scale, have a history of eating disorders, or get obsessive about numbers then we will most likely stay away from that. But measurements help you to stay on track and is a great gauge on progress.